Water Conservation Measures

Why do we need to conserve water? We all know water is essential, but too many of us think it's unlimited, where we in the United States use more water per capita than anywhere else in the world. The reality is that fresh water is a finite resource that is becoming scarce. While water is constantly being recycled through the Earth's water cycle, people are using up our planet's fresh water faster than it can be replenished. 

How much can you save?

All WCM ROI's < 24 months!

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Water Tower Conservation (WTC) technology not only saves a lot of money, it saves billions of gallons of water every year. WTC patented technology pays the user to be a good steward of the USA's water supplies. It eliminates over 95% of the water wasted in blow-down that is required by traditional chemical treatment of cooling tower water. Machines cannot drink tap (potable) water designed for human consumption. It must be modified to eliminate scale, corrosion and bio-fouling. WTC technology creates near-perfect water for cooling towers from additional other water sources, including well water, reverse osmosis (RO), or reclaim water from sewage water, to significantly lower maintenance costs while save on energy and chemicals as well.

OneWatt Global

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• A proprietary high efficiency softener (HES) is put into effect
• This pre-conditioning system treats tower make-up water
• It removes any and all scale forming ions in the water
• Permitting unlimited makeup water concentrations
• Silica polymerizes to protect the metal surfaces
• Eliminates costly expensive chemical buying
• The only material consumed is actual salt
• This is a sustainable natural commodity
• Cooling tower water becomes bio-static
• High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) with high pH scale inhibit any biological and pathogen growth in water.

• NO chemicals ... NO consequences!
• Water use reduction and cost savings without acid, scale or corrosion risks
• State-of-Art corrosion and scale Inhibition in tower water at 20,000 TDS or higher
• Mitigates scale, corrosion and bio-fouling without discharge of tower water or chemicals
• New dimension cooling technology permits operation at high TDS with zero tower blowdown
• Zero complicated traditional chemical index programs, controls, chemicals and tower blowdown
• The most advanced 24/7 monitoring technology of it's kind, assuring performance and reliability
• It doesn't get any greener! This technology just concentrates the natural minerals in the water
• US Patents - 6929749; 6949193; 6998092; 7122148; 7517493; 7708939; 7955553; 8057738;
• International Europe EP1704123; Canada CA2547907; India IA249812; Australia AU070840

• Typically reduces total water tower treatment costs by 50% or greater
• Ideal for high silica or reuse (wastewater) makeup source waters
• Non-toxic chemistry with cost-effective discharge elimination
• Eliminates significant bleed and feed water wastage
• Eliminates costly expensive chemical purchasing
• New industry standard for Corrosion Protection
• Reduced system testing and operational time
• No dangerous chemical handling or storage

• 2004 application for potable water conservation and tower performance benefits
• Total cooling tower water treatment cost typically reduced by 50% or greater
• Metals tested include galvanized and stainless steel, copper and aluminum
• More than a decade using recycled Title 22 waste-water for tower makeup
• Water is reduced, costs saved without acidic, scaling or corrosive risks
• 30-50% lower salt usage plus 70% lower regeneration waste water
• Ideal for high silica or reuse (wastewater) makeup source waters
• Non-toxic chemistry and cost effective elimination of discharge
• Eliminates 'bleed & feed' water wastage and chemical costs
• It doesn't get any 'greener'. The only material used is salt
• Zero scaling = clean condenser tubes = less energy use
• Cooling towers include Marley, BAC, Evapco and others
• Service is monthly flat-fee with zero chemical purchases
• Minimum hardness leakage permits < 1% water loss
• 24/7 realtime performance RPA monitoring/reporting
• Advanced Remote Performance Assurance (RPA)

Cooling tower water must be treated to avoid scale, corrosion and bio-fouling. WTC, discovered in 2000 and process patented in 2004, is a more natural way to do so. It is clearly superior to other cooling water treatment methods and it saves more water and money than any other. By eliminating the blowdown required to keep the chemical process working, it also eliminates the constant discharge of chemicals into the environment.

Clients attain the performance and economy cooling towers are capable of delivering!

WTC works just as easily for existing towers or for new construction. It works with well water and gray water The ROI is and it offers LEED points. It is a proven technology and has been adopted by companies like Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, Yahoo and Verizon for their mission-critical data centers. WTC's founder discovered that if you remove all of water's hardness with a high efficiency softener under the right conditions, then Mother Nature will give you scale and corrosion control with bio-fouling control for free.

WTC units are sold in dual alternating pairs. Brine tanks are also provided. While one unit is running, the other is either on standby or regenerating its resin. Both measure water pressure, flow-rate and discharge conductivity. Remote Performance Assurance (RPA) data is available in real-time mode to ensure acceptable regenerations. 

A 1,000 ton chiller, running at a 40% load factor, will waste about 525,000 gallons of water each year in blowdown. At major city rates of $28/1,000 gallons water/sewer cost, WTC saves about $14,700 for 1,000 chiller tons. A 25 gpm well will save $90,000 in water costs every year.